Trampolines are available for the fun of kids and they offer a lot of shapes and sizes. Multiple brands are present in the market to cater the needs of every customer. Cost of trampolines is an important concern for the parents and they normally look for it in order to have some reliable answers. offers a reliable insight in the prices of trampolines. Also, the price varies depending on the brand and quality. The larger the size of the trampoline is, more it will cost. Even if the accessories attached to them are more, they will cost more. Some important considerations while setting the cost are as follows,


Safety of trampoline

If the trampoline is safer, it will charge some extra money for it. The most important thing in a trampoline is a safety because if it is not safe, there is no use of having it. To ensure the safety many things are considered. Such as mostly trampolines have safety nets attached to them. if the trampoline does not have a safety net, it can also be purchased separately. The quality and brand of such net are kept in mind to have high-quality product.


The style of the trampoline is considered important while setting the price. Most commonly used the shape of the trampoline is a circle that offers the highest jump. Then there is the square trampoline that is best for family use. It has firmness on the surface however it is not good for professional use. Another shape is rectangular shaped trampolines that are best for the professionals and gymnastics. The fabric, as well as the springs, is also important. If the material is of high quality, it will not rust and work for a longer run.


The size is a most important consideration while setting the price of trampolines. If the trampolines are smaller such as for kids that are normally of 4 feet, it will cost less. These trampolines for kids start from 80 dollars. Then if the trampoline is 10 feet, it will cost about 240 dollars. This price gradually increases as the person moves towards larger sizes. The largest size available is mostly of 16 foot that cost about five hundred dollars.

The prices also vary depending on the brand a person is purchasing. If the trampoline is of high quality and from a renowned company, it will cost more. So, this factor should be considered carefully to make the right choice.