4 Simple Ways to Prepare Yourself for Taking Care of an Autistic Child

It can be argued that being a parent to an autistic child is not that different from parenting a child without autism. The same core principles are the same: love and take care of your kid in the best ways that you can. Being a parent or guardian to an autistic child is just more difficult, and a lot of that is because the world at large measures success and advancement through a non-autistic lens. To borrow a now-popular metaphor…

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5 reasons moms need chocolate

Why should I have to give you a reason to eat chocolate? You’ve earned it! You’re a mom. You change diapers, make lunches, drop kids off and pick them up, and you still manage to look amazing. The least you can do for yourself is buy a big, fat box of M&Ms and splurge now and then. Oh, so you feel guilty? The fat, the calories, the cavities, it’s enough to deter even the most deserving of moms. Have no…

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