A decade or two ago, baby boomers are the ones who are fuelling the workforce and the economy. Now, it’s the millennials turn and millennials overtaking the baby boomers’ population is enough to guarantee that they will influence major changes in any place they flock to.

Indeed.com has data that shows the top ten cities where millennials have an increased interest in working for small businesses – and three of them are in Texas. These three are the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land (Greater Houston) metro area, the Austin-Round Rock (Greater Austin) metro area, and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area.

Another set of data on the top suburbs that millennials are moving to show four Lone Star State suburbs in the list – San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

So, what is making these millennials move to Texas and look for a job there? Here are some reasons why:

  • Job opportunities. Millennials, naturally, are out to look for jobs and Texas has a lot of job opportunities to offer. While there are lots of jobs available in the booming small business industries, there are also lots of opportunities in the 54 Fortune 500 companies that have their corporate headquarters in Texas. The second biggest state in the US ranks second to New York for having the most number of Fortune 500 companies and the top spot for the Best States for Business list.
  • Music and night life. It is understandable that the younger generation would want to be in a place with a bustling and active night life. Texas offers a great night life and entertainment. Living in Texas means having easy access to the many festivals and events that are held regularly throughout the state. No matter what kind of festival appeals to you – music, food, film, motor sports – there is a festival that will tickle your fancy.
  • Cheap. Many financially-challenged, student-loan-saddled millennials prefer to live in a place that is cheap and affordable. Texas is among the 15 states in America with the cheapest cost of living. Housing in Texas is 15.5% less expensive, transportation is 6.3% less expensive, and groceries are 10.5 less expensive. Not only do millennials find it easier to find jobs in Texas, they get more for every dollar they earn.
  • No state income tax. There are only seven states that have no income tax and Texas is one of them. Although there can be a debate surrounding the question of whether it is better to live in a state with no income tax – one thing is for sure, those who live in Texas at least get to skip poring over the forms when April comes rolling.
  • Weirdness. The slogan in Austin is “Keep Austin Weird.” It may not appeal to everyone, but it definitely calls to many millennials who are welcoming of different personalities and quirkiness. The weirdness factor seems to be working for this Texas city because its share of millennials is 24% higher than the national average. Austin has also been ramping up to be the heir to Silicon Valley as a top tech city.

Aside from the millennials moving to Texas, this state also has a lot of universities, from state universities, technical colleges, community and junior colleges, to private colleges and universities, that release a healthy amount of new graduates into the Texas workforce. With the abundance of job opportunities in many cities in Texas, most of these graduates stay around instead of moving out of state.

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